Reviews for Death Most Wicked

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Drawn to this book’s intriguing cover I didn’t realise it was supernatural horror to begin with but by the time I started reading - too late. My knee jerk reaction to the opening chapter was shock and I thought it was pretty gross. Yet in some ways the notion of a man disintegrating into a pool of goo was no worse to some descriptions of death by the ebola virus, so I bit my lip and kept reading… and what an amazing story it turned out to be.

The book is undoubtedly creepy and at the same time intriguing; a crime thriller with a supernatural twist which is unusual. Once the little girls started going missing, I didn’t see the connection but as the story unfolded I began to realise how all these sinister goings on were linked.
The book is well written, the characters very human to the point where they come across as real and you feel their emotions: love, anger, hate and revenge - this is a story told from the heart. Best of all I couldn’t put it down, the story was truly amazing and the short chapters made it impossible to ignore for long, leaving me hankering to read a bit more at every opportunity.
This is one creepy novel. First you have a man who wants a little sister so desperately he's willing to kidnap children, only to kill them when they refuse to live inside his shed. Then you have this hellish substance that turns victims into puddles of bloody liquid. And in the middle of all this is Mikael Ruskoff, a homicide detective who's charged with solving a seemingly never ending string of murders.
Suzi Albracht has a fantastic imagination, and she does a wonderful job bringing this disturbing tale to life. Twists abound. Characters are connected in ways you least expect. And it's all presented in a way that will leave you on the edge of your seat. (or in my case, my bed)Definitely a novel horror fans
will want to check out.
B Martin
I loved the plot on this thriller. Characters were well drawn with many interesting story arcs. But this was not just an engrossing who-done-it. It took me a while but it finally dawned on me that it had a paranormal bent. It became clear to me in such a natural (thank the author for that) format that the horror appeared to be completely natural. Quite an accomplishment.
I wonder if our hero Mikael was named accidently or on purpose. He truly is an angel. Great friends, 
understanding wife, loves his son and his mom, oh...and he's very handsome with a complete lack of smarmy. At least until the Devil marks him, leaving scars.
The only disappointment I had was that it was only the first part of the thriller. I'm forced to hunt for the second part of the adventure. Heading to amazon now!!