Death Most Wicked

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Death Most Wicked
The Devil’s Due Collection - Book 1

Death… when it darkens a door, those inside are never prepared to face the end. At those times, when someone is taken for no other reason than to quench another’s hunger, it becomes a sordid event to be feared. And when the Devil is involved, it is indeed, a Death Most Wicked.

This is the supernatural horror story of a Homicide detective in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area who discovers that the Devil and his enforcers are operating in the dark underbelly of the city. As Mikael Ruskoff investigates a series of murder/kidnappings of little girls, evil forces are at work further complicating the situation. Mikael becomes desperate to find the killer before the next child is taken, but his efforts are thwarted every time it seems the killer might be within his reach. Meanwhile, his long-lost father turns up, wanting back into Mikael’s life, no matter the cost… to Mikael. As it turns out, he has the key to both the killer and the evil forces. Now decisions must be made.

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