A Slice of The Devil's Lieutenant

 A noise on  the driver’s side of the car caught Caleb’s attention. Unable to see through the fogged up windows, he pressed the automatic window button on his door until his window slid down inside the door. Cupping his hand over his eyes, he squinted, but the rain prevented him from seeing much beyond a foot or so. Once he realized that he’d never be able to see through the downpour, he put his finger back on the button, intending to close the window.
In that instant, the mystery man’s head filled his window.
Caleb yelped and scrambled away from the window as far as he could get until his seatbelt stopped him.
With a thick finger to his lips, the mystery man shushed him.
Wide-eyed, Caleb couldn’t take his eyes off the man. His head was enormous. His eyelids were thick and hooded. Pockmarks smudged his cheeks. A series of names went through his mind he refused each one.
Who is he?
And then a smirk twisted the man’s lips. Oh no. As Caleb realized just who had come to meet him, grim recognition darkened the irises of his eyes. Why did it have to be him? Against hope, he attempted to feign surprise and not let on just how terrified he had become.
“I… I… I wasn’t expecting you. I thought Ivanovitch would come.” Caleb jutted his chin out as if he was confident but his voice betrayed him, it cracked.
“Nobody expects me.” Rain trailed the crevices of the mystery man’s face as if they were rivers dark with doom.
“I wanted to discuss our options—”
Without a word, the man reached inside the car and yanked Caleb’s left arm out the window. With his free hand, he whipped out a steel pruner with razor sharp blades. In a surreal second, Caleb noticed the raindrops dancing on the blades. They look interesting… like one of those illusion paintings, he thought.
Then with a surgeon’s skill, in one decisive movement, the man snapped off Caleb’s left thumb and slipped it into his coat pocket. He shoved Caleb’s bleeding hand back at him.
“What are you doing? I wanted to make things right. Oh—how will I explain that to my wife?” Caleb blubbered. He stared at the hole in his hand as the blood spurted.