A Slice of Death Most Wicked

 And then he felt it… a twitching, squiggly sensation under his eyelid. Buzz leaned closer to the mirror to inspect the twitch. He could see the black hairs of a tiny black, squirming thing peeking out. He fumbled through the vanity drawers, grasping for anything that could grab hold of it. His fingers latched onto a pair of needle nose tweezers.

Jesus, let them do the job.
Buzz pried his eyelid open and jammed the needle nose of tweezers around the thing’s tail.
He yanked hard, sweat rolling down his forehead, blinding him. He wrenched and twisted until the thing released its pincers.
He held the tweezers up to the light to inspect it. The hideous mutation squirmed and snapped at him.
Buzz threw the monstrosity in the toilet and flushed, watching it swirl around the drain.
Then he had a weird sensation on his tongue. He opened his mouth wide and tried to examine his teeth and tongue.
Oh shit, oh shit ─
Buzz felt a crawling tickle in his throat. Something was caught in the membranes of his throat. He jammed two fingers down his throat, forcing himself to vomit. He puked until his insides felt like they might come up through his chest.
He grabbed the edges of the vanity with both hands, trying his best to keep himself from spewing any more of himself into the sink.
When he looked down, several of his teeth stared back at him from the sink basin.
What the ─?